*shrub* (acitive digital graphic / digital geoglyph) 2016

*shrub* (acitive digital graphic / digital geoglyph) 2016

“The inflatable dinghy was inflated and loaded indeed. When I finally dragged it through the sand towards the water, gesture- and relict-like drawings were being created, which I interpreted as some sort of ‘BeachUrban – Nazca Lines’ right away. Until then …”

*SHRUB- 2016*

w/ coordinates engraved Jack Wolfskin outdoor-fleece, ribbon ceramics, Annatto-Shrub

51°20'07.2"N 12°20'25.0"E

51°20’07.2″N – 12°20’25.0″E

51°20'09.8"N 12°20'01.1"E

51°20’09.8″N – 12°20’01.1″E

51°20'09.0"N 12°20'23.2"E

51°20’09.0″N – 12°20’23.2″E

51°20'08.8"N 12°20'42.3"E

51°20’08.8″N – 12°20’42.3″E

51°20'16.5"N 12°20'21.7"E

51°20’16.5″N – 12°20’21.7″E

51°20'16.0"N 12°19'57.0"E

51°20’16.0″N – 12°19’57.0″E

51°20'18.8"N 12°20'15.6"E

51°20’18.8″N – 12°20’15.6″E

51°20'07.3"N 12°20'13.7"E

51°20’18.8″N – 12°20’15.6″E